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In order to offer you the widest choice of products, we have two stores within one website so there's also two separate checkouts and search facilities: one for Best-CBD.Shop (including our Monthly Mystery CBD Box Subscriptions), and one for our Vintage Art, Posters & Clothing and Best Gift Shop.

We have two distribution centres so if you order from both of our fab shops, you will receive two separate packages. Depending on how much you spend, shipping may be free or you may have to pay our very reasonable shipping fees. We offer tracked shipping worldwide, please find our Shipping Rates, Returns and Warranties information by clicking here.

To help to save on waste, purchases from our Vintage Art, Posters & Clothing and Best Gift Shop may be shipped in recycled packaging. If you require standard or gift packaging, please email us with your order number or simply add a note to your order.  

Customer Care


We aim to offer a world-class customer service but if you do have a complaint, please email us at office@Best-CBD.Shop prior to leaving any negative reviews or feedback so that we can address your concerns.



We take your privacy very seriously and we will not share your information with other parties (such as, during promotions & competitions)  without your express consent. If we gather any information about you, any such information will be gathered, stored securely and used by us in accordance with UK GDRP guidelines. 

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Legalities and T&Cs

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Ordering any of our products is at your own risk. 

CBD Legality

All our products are laboratory-certified and contain less than 0.3% THC.

We ship worldwide but not to countries where CBD products are banned.

You agree to always check the latest CBD and THC laws applicable in your country prior to ordering and if restrictions or partial restrictions are in place, please think very carefully about which products you order, if any.


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If you have any concerns about any of the material that appears on our site, please email us at office@Best-CBD.Shop 


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