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Affiliate Partners

CBD hike

Brand ambassadors, affiliate partners and resellers sought, so, if you have lots of friends and followers on social media or if you have a website or a retail or food outlet and would like to enquire about wholesale prices, please get in touch at:  


Apply to become an affiliate partner to offer a 10% discount to your followers plus receive 10% of sales generated by people who shop through your custom GOAFFPRO link. 

You will be notified each time that your link is used. You may use your own link to place orders, saving yourself 20% storewide as the 10% discount will still be applied.

We do not pay commission on sale discounts, shipping fees or VAT but as typical customers spend £100 to £250 per transaction, your commission could soon stack up! Please don't forget to tag our social media handles on each platform as we reward our top promoters with higher commission rates.

If you would like to promote individual products, you can easily generate individual affiliate links via your account then share these links on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc... and when people visit the store using your link, you earn 10% commission on everything that they buy.

Please sign up HERE or download the Pro Affiliates app by Goaffpro to manage your account via mobile, then add the store ID: 7032470.

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